Lesson: Understanding Character Traits and Emotions

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Lesson Objective

Students will be able to - identify and explain a variety of character traits - analyze characters traits and emotions - write about character traits

Lesson Plan

Do Now:

Students will complete the Character Traits Vocabulary Exercise Attached




As students read about characters, they need to make inferences about character traits and character emotions. Young readers often confuse the two. However, they are quite different. Emotions change frequently in reaction to events, while traits stay pretty much the same.


Direct Instruction:

Students will work in 4 centers today.  Review with them what character traits and emotions are and explain the 4 activities to them.  (All the information is provided in an attachment.  There are several other assignments, but i did not include them.  You are welcome to use all activities for centers.)



Guided Practice & Independent Practice"

Activity 1:

Inferring Character Emotions

Students are given a situation. They must provide a list of 4-5 character traits from their characte trait list to describe the person's emotions is that situation,


Activity 2:

How Do Characters Feel About Each Other?


How do characters feel about one another? Use these cards for a quick center to help students think about specific emotions words and how they can describe situations.


  1. Copy the cards onto cardstock and laminate. Students can work in pairs or individually for this activity.
  2. Cut the cards apart. Put them in an envelope.
  3. Copy and laminate the directions page and answer sheet. (I usually attach the directions to the front of the envelope, and paperclip the answer key to the inside.)
  4. Explain the center to students. You may want to keep a student-friendly dictionary at the center so that students can look up words they do not know.

Activity 3:

My Character Traits

 List three traits that describe you. Beneath each one, explain why the trait describes you. Use your actions, thoughts, and words to support your thinking.


Activity 4: 

Understanding Character Traits


Read the story below. In each box, you will be asked to choose a trait for a character. Remember to use text details to help you make your choices!



What 4 character traits would you use to describe a member of your family?







Lesson Resources

Character Traits and Emotions Making Inferences   Classwork
Character Traits   Activity


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