Lesson: Creating an outline - Lesson 7

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Lesson Objective

The students will use research note cards to make an outline for their research paper.

Lesson Plan

Lesson Topic: 

·         Outline

Learning Objectives:  What should students be able to do at the end of this lesson?

·         The students will use research note cards to make an outline for their research paper.




Materials Needed:

·         Chart paper

·         Rubber bands

·         Ziploc bags

·         Create notecards for apples

·         Student’s will need Research Paper Graphic Organizer

·         computers


Level of Bloom’s Taxonomy:


Background information: what do I need to know to teach this lesson?

Instructional Procedures:  How will I…?

…recall prior relevant information?  Make connections to prior learning?


….present new material?

·         Begin the lesson with How to make an Awesome Outline PPT.  Go through the ppt step by step showing students how to make an outline.  Guide the students through each step.  Have them spread out on the floor and walk through each step of organizing the note cards with the students.  Give the students rubber bands to attach their cards in groups and then a Ziploc bag to keep their note cards in.

·         After students organize their note cards go through the rest of the powerpoint with the students. 

·         Put a link in Dyknow to the handout and have students open the document so they may follow along while you then create an outline with the students from note cards about the apples on the chart paper.   

·         Then walk step by step with the students through the first subtopic from their topic web and their Research Paper Graphic Organizer.   

·         Walk through the process step by step with the students to fill out the first body paragraph portion of the outline with the students.  Have them look at their Research Paper Graphic Organizer to find the subtopics they selected and then fill in sub topics and supporting details.

·         Then put up Step 7 on Step PPT

·         Continue to allow the students to finish their outline.

Lesson Resources

Outline Example   Notes
lesson 7   Lesson Plan
How to Make an Awesome Outline   Smart Board


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