Lesson: Lesson 1

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Lesson Objective

Ss will... -Learn about me and my classroom expectations -Begin to engage with the idea of Americanism and share what they already know about American values -Be introduced to tone and to new vocabulary words -Engage with a challenging text (“Sinners...”) in an accessible way

Lesson Plan

1) Intros: teacher, room, course (go over syllabus) – 15-20 min 2) discipline system (1st period only) – 5 min
3) Pledge of Allegiance activity + reseating – 5 min
4) What does it mean to be an American?brainstorm in groups (10 min) and then create a larger list as a class (10 min)
5) Introduce vocab, vocab quizzes, ask students to put words in pairs based on definitions (most similar; most different?) – 10 min
6) explain unit and connection between Puritanism and The Crucible begin working with “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry Godâ€
  • Students will work in table groups and need access to markers/paper
  • Each group of students will get one verse from the sermon to work through together
  • Ssshouldunderlinesimiles and metaphors and then should draw the images in their part, paying attention to the colors they choose
  • Pictures will be posted and specific groups will share out some of the metaphors they found
  • What words could you use to describe the tone of Puritanism? Based on this, what does it seem like the Puritans valued?
Write a sentence using each vocab word in context; create vocab flashcards for vocab list #1; get all of your materials for AmEx (by next Monday)

Lesson Resources

Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God   Reading Passage
vocab list 1  


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