Lesson: ABC Summarizer

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Lesson Objective

Objective: Students will be able to summarize using an abc summarizer about a given topic.

Lesson Plan


State Standard:  . 3.IT.E.4

Standard Name:

Objective:Students will be able to summarize using an abc summarizer about a given topic. 

Do-Now:  Students will read an informational text passage, an article from a newspaper, an article from time for kids in 5 minutes.  Tell them to come to the carpet when they are finished and bring everything they can remember with them in 5 minutes. 


Opening: Let’s say we can only use one word to describe (insert a certain topic recently learned about).  And.. let’s make it more of a challenge, you can only use each letter of the alphabet once.  Do you think you could fill it out using all of the letters?  Do you think it would be important for you to use simple words for a like and or do you think it might be more important to use strong vocabulary or topics for the letter a. 


Directed Instruction: 

Summarizing is so important.  If we do not summarize what we read or take time to think about it, chances are we will forget about it.  Today we are going to learn a creative way to summarize using the a-b-c summarizer.  When we use the a-b-c



Guided Practice: Review the reading that students did in the do-now.  Go through and model using the a-b-c summarizer as you are recalling information from the article.  Make sure you are guiding students on how to make important and strategic choices with what they are choosing to write about. 


Independent Practice:

Students complete an a-b-c summarizer organizer. 

Students can use this independently or students can also do this in groups or at a center   


Closing:  Choose 5 letters that explain the most important details or words from your organizer.    




Lesson Resources

ABC SUMMARIZER Resource 7 29  


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