Lesson: Bio Poem Summarizing Characters/ People

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Lesson Objective

Objective: Identify how a character feels and acts in support of a story or passage by summarizing using biopoem.

Lesson Plan


State Standard:  . 3.LT-EF.14

Standard Name:

Objective:Identify how a character feels and acts in support of a story or passage by summarizing using  biopoem.   


Do-Now:  Students complete a biopoem about themselves.  This can also be done as an icebreaker in the beginning of the year.


Students will be able to identify feelings and opinions based on a biography or autobiography of a person.   


Opening: Are there any characters in your book you really feel like you connect with?  Do you think you connect with them on the surface?  Have you ever read a book and read the book to really get to know the character or focus only your attention on the character.  If we read a story and just focus on the character we can actually really get to know the character, we can visualize and pretend that they are like a person. 


Directed Instruction: 

Today we are going to read a story and truly focus on the character.  Make a list of things you are going to look for:  we are going to look at how a character feels, acts, what kind of personality they have, what they like, dislike, who they are.  In doing this we are establishing a connection with the character.  We are allowing ourselves to walk in a character shoes.  Today we will spend time walking in a character shoes by exploring our characters feelings through poetry. 



Guided Practice: Model the biopoem make a chart paper list or project the same biopoem.  Complete a read aloud story about a character.   Fill out the biopoem with the character in mind.  Show students how you are deriving answers for the biopoems.

You can also do this with non-fiction text and incorporate biographies. 


Independent Practice:

Students compelte a bio poem based on their character or individual they are studying. 


Closing:  Read your biopoem.  Create a picture and caption for your biopoem. 




Lesson Resources

Biopoem Summarizer Resource 7 29  


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