Lesson: Relay Summarizer

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Lesson Objective

Objective: Students will be able to summarize using a relay summarizer that forces students to use different sentences to summarize a topic.

Lesson Plan


Objective:  Students will be able to summarize using a relay summarizer that forces students to use different sentences to summarize a topic.

Do-Now:  have students count off and put them in groups, students will need to be in a group of ideally at least 4 students.

Direct Instruction:  Summarizing using sentences is important because sometimes when we summarize we write too much, or we don’t write enough, or we don’t write what is important.  Today you can summarize using important sentences by working in a team and going through a relay race.

Guided Practice: 

This format is used to summarize and assigned reading.  Students are divided into teams of four or five students. 

First students will need a passage.

I suggest giving each group a different passage, but each group can use the sam passage if you want.

This will also work with a test, or reading that the students hav e done, you can also pull a newspaper article, a procedureal passage, ect.

So once each group has a passage they will each get a piece of paper

Studnets will hav eto divide the paper into as many boxes as teh teacher wants: for longer passages you want to fold the paper into 9's if they are shorter passages you might want to do 6. 

so each student has a paper that is folded into a number of boxes and then has students

The first student in each team starts with a blank piece of paper that is divided into a variety of ways, it can be folded and divided into 3's, 6's, or 9's. 

Together as a class read the passage.

When the teachers says go each student will have to identify one detail that is stated in the passage. They can write 2 if you want, then you have to pass your paper to the person next to you.  That person has to write a detail from the passage too but they can't write a detail that has already been written.

*The idea is the students are constantly re-reading all of the boxes so getting constant reminders of all of the important details.

*It also helps students who are only thinking of "one" thing, if that thing is written already they have to go back, re-read, and then find a new detail. 


EAch team goes until they fill out all of the boxes!

This is a great way to summarize and do a fun activity with students!

You can also do this as an ice breaker in the beginning of the year and have students write facts or details about themselves.. !


Lesson Resources

Relay Summarizer Guidelines  
Relay Summarizer Example  


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