Lesson: Movie in your mind

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Lesson Objective

Students will be able to visualize by making a movie in their minds.

Lesson Plan

Essential Questions:  -How can one event change a whole story?

-What effect does a character’s experience have on their personality?

-What is the relationship between character traits and actions?


Objective:  “I can make a movie in my mind to support what is happening in the story I am reading”


Supporting Text:  Bunniculaby Deborah and James Howe

Teaching Point:  Good Readers make a movie in their mind of what is happening and watch it as the story changes

Connection:  Raise your hand if you would rather watch a movie then a book?  I think sometimes students like watching movies better because they can just watch the pictures and figure out the story.  The movie is a visual cue that supports the story.  When we make movies in our mind we are taking time to really understand  a story.  Good readers make visuals in their mind to see the movie that is being displayed. 

Teach Model: 

Reading and then making the mental movie in your mind.  Make sure you talk to the students about what you are drawing and why you are getting the ideas you are getting to draw the pictures that support your visual. 

Then draw on a large piece of butcher paper the mental movie you are seeing in your head as you begin reading Bunnicula.  Add to your mental movie with what they are envisioning happening in their mental movies as you read the first chapter of Bunnicula


Independent Work:  (Students should have 20-30 minutes of independent reading/work time)

They will complete a graphic organizer just as you did on the book they are reading in their books list. 

Students  will work on mini-lesson skill by visualizing what is happening in their just right independent reading books by using a blank page and drawing their mental movie as it changes and at the bottom writing down a quick summary statement of what they read that day

Students can also:   use sticky notes to draw what is going on right at the moment the “scene” and then they can stick their “scenes” on a piece of blank paper at the end and then they write their summary statement of what they read that day.

Centers Ideas:

Lesson Resources

Visualizing Graphic Organizer  


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