Lesson: Creating A Character

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Lesson Objective

Students will be able to create a character with well developed character traits.

Lesson Plan

Do Now:
Create a character based closely on someone you know well. Then place that real character into a totally new situation.

Today you will be writing a short, short story about a character you are creating.  This charactere must be rich with character traits.

Direct Instruction
answer the following questions on another sheet of paper.  Use your answers to help you think about your subject.
1. Who is this person?
2. Why do you know this person so well?
3. What might be this person’s worst nightmare?
4. What book might this person write?
5. For what job is this person uniquely suited?
6. Who could be this person’s enemies?
7. What is this person’s favorite TV show?
8. Where would this person never live?
9. What slogan would this person have hanging on the wall?
10. What might be this person’s favorite childhood memory?

Guided & Indpendent Practice
Think about a strong quality your sketch reveals and then write three ninetyword
mini-stories that put your person in a difficult situation. Notice that your character now has a new role in life.
Your person is . . .
1. a high school principal who bans card playing in the cafeteria.
2. a single parent who sends his or her son to military school.
3. a poker player who has quit smoking.
4. a popular athlete who marries the class clown.
5. a biology teacher who brings a snake to class.
6. a minister who invites an atheist to deliver the weekly sermon.
7. a social worker whose eighty-year-old uncle moves in.
OR: Come up with your own idea for a mini-story.

Highlight the character trait words used in your story.

Lesson Resources

Blank Lined Paper   Activity


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