Lesson: Using Dialogue to Infere Traits

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Lesson Objective

Students will be able to identify take what characters are saying in a text, use their dialogue to infer a character trait based on those characters actions are words.

Lesson Plan

I am going to say some phrases out loud, I want you to tell me what trait you think are linked to those phrases.  For example, if I shout:  YOU WERE SUPPOSE TO BE MY BEST FRIEND HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME.  What is trait you could connect to those dialogue statements.  I could say that person may be described as angry, defeated, frustrated, aggravated

Sometimes we cannot see a person’s actions or what they are doing or understand the plot of the story but we have the dialogue of the story or passage our character is in.  It is important that when we are inferring or assigning characters traits that we are making sure we are using what is directly being said in the story to confirm or assign a character a trait.  This is especially important when answering test or quiz questions because we always want to refer back to the text and really understand what the character is saying directly to make sure we can use direct evidence to support or answering or reasoning. 

Directed Instruction
Today we going to directly look at the dialogue of the story.  Teachers may want to just write the dialogue of stories previously discussed in these lessons or you can just focus on the words of the story.  Or teachers can write different dialogues up on the board that can directly imply a character trait.  Direct students and model how you only use modeling the text. 

Guided Practice:
Model using a short story how you only look at the dialogue or words in a story, text, or passage to infer character traits.  Refer to it as set text examples.  Encourage students to try and explore using traits and evidence.  You may even want to use a test prep passage. 


Independent Practice:

Students use their guided reading group books, independent books, or a test passage to use text to directly infer a character trait. 


Lesson Resources

Using Dialouge to Infer Traits Resource   Classwork


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