Lesson: Just the Facts Please

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Lesson Objective

I can describe how facts and evidence are used to support an argument.

Lesson Plan

Do Now
Look at the five sentences below and state if they are a fact or opinion
  1. Wednesday is the fourth day of the week.
  2. Girls look better in dresses than pants.
  3. Summer is the best season of the year.
  4. Thanksgiving day is always the third thursday in November
  5. My dog is adorable.
Today we are going to look at fact vs opinion in an argument.  We are going to decide how good arguments are written and how supporting details can make an argument stronger.

Direct Instruction:
Teacher will give a mini lesson on facts vs. opinions in an argument.  Definition of a fact and an opinion will be provided.  Teacher will use Unifrom Policy as an argument and provide factual and opinionate arguments.

Guided Practice
Following the lesson students will choose another topic (school lunch, homework policy, school rules) and as a w whole group up with reasons for an againist.  Once that list is created as a grups students will identify which arguments are fact and whic arugments are opinion,

Independent Practice:
Activity 1
Students will look through several advertisments from a newspaper or magazine.  They will copy a few sentences from each advertisment and placing the sentences under the correct heading of fact or opinion
Activity 2
Students select from a group of argumentative essays and create a poster identifying the arguments based on facts and the details supporting those facts.

Turn and talk to the person next to you. Give them one fact and one opinion statement about yourself.  See if they can determine the fact vs the opinion.

Lesson Resources

Fact vs opinion ppt   Smart Board


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