Lesson: Mood & Tone of An Author

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Lesson Objective

I can explain why mood and tone is important to author author’s purpose.

Lesson Plan

Do Now:
Imagine you're best friend just told someone else a secret that you told her.  How would you feel?  What mood would you now be in?  Explain.

Today we are going to discuss tone and mood.  Let's define those words.  Tone is how the writer feels about what he is writing and mood is the feeling that the reader has about the text.  We are going to look at how important both tone and mood are to an author.

Direct Instruction
Teacher will show a powerpoint on tone and mood.  This powerpoint is interactive and the last 6/7 slides are questions and conversation prompts that the students must answer and discuss about mood and tone.

Guided Practice
Teacher and students will create a tone and mood words anchor chart for the class.  The anchor chart will consist of a list of words that describe the author's tone and mood. 

The teacher will read passages from a text and ask students to identify the mood and tone.

Independent Practice
Students will work individually to write a movie preveiw based on a picture.  The students must write the mood and tone tha the picture represents.

Exit Slip: Why is it important as a reader to identify the mood and tone of a writer?

Lesson Resources

Mood Setting Activity Advanced   Smart Board
Style tone and mood   Classwork


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