Lesson: Alternative Text: Miracle's Boys

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Lesson Objective

For classes in which the maturity, behavior or reading level is not sufficient for the Westing Game, or if you need an alternative for a few students that is still high- interest, here is another book.

Lesson Plan

I did not teach explicit lessons during this unit, but rather pre-loaded vocabulary and lead review exercises. I also modeled the assignments given in the questions packets. Students worked well at their own pace.  There is a book on tape that is very engaging, which we used as a class.   I employed reading strategies similar to the Westing Game unit, and watching the movie mini-series and comparing it to the book was an important part of engaging students. I reviewed compare and contrast before the movie, and had them write a short paper explaining their comparison. There was also a final test, which required good narrative writing. This unit is especially good for English learners. 

Lesson Resources

miraclesboys questions   Combination
Miracles Boys test 1   Assessment


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