Lesson: Eggceptional Packaging

David Kujawski Bird Middle East Walpole, MA
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Lesson Objective

YWBAT: Design, build and test a box that prevents a raw egg from breaking when it is dropped from a significant height.

Lesson Plan

Students will design, build and test the effectiveness of a box that is intended to prevent a raw egg from breaking.


List of materials for each student: (I have students bring in their own materials. If they are different from what is on the list below they just need to get permission to bring it in and use it.)

  • 1 shoebox with lid (Have students bring this in early)
  • 10 Rubber bands
  • 2 Plastic cups
  • 1 meter of tape
  • 8 Cotton balls
  • 1 Plastic shopping bag
  • 3 paperclips
  • Anything else that students have at home and are approved


Day 1: Present challenge and begin designing The first day you should present the challenge, review rubric, rules and answer questions (15 minutes) You should then give students the opportunity to brainstorm ideas and sketch possible solutions to the challenge. HW: Bring in materials for constructing the packaging.


Day 2: Students will finalize brainstorms and begin creating their blueprints HW: Finish blueprints


Day 3-4: Students should construct their boxes.


Day 5: Test day! However, if students need more time they can construct on day 5 and test the following class period.


Tips for implementing:


  • Encourage students to bring in extra boxes, if they have them.
  • Find a site on your campus that has a drop of at least 6 feet.  If you don't have an area like this, just go outside and throw the box into the air.
  • Follow this procedure on test day: Student carries box to the drop zone where teacher is waiting, give the egg to the student and give them 30 seconds to secure egg in box, student hands box to teacher to drop.  Have the next student who is going bring their box and the one that was just dropped back to the top.  Hand egg to next student.  Open box to see if egg broke, record grade and repeat until you're done.  This will save a lot of time.
  • Students are going to be really excited on test day; embrace that positive energy in your class.
  • Don't forget to buy eggs!  2-4 cartons to be safe.  You can ask for class donations of money so that you don't have kids bringing eggs on the bus!
  • Testing may take longer than 1 day, but if you hustle it can happen in one.
  • The main learning opportunity in this activity is the reflection portion.  Assign a homework activity for students to state what they would change next time.  This should be a required activity for all boxes that failed to preserve the egg.  You can then improve that portion of their grade on the rubric.
  • Have a garbage bag ready to throw boxes, especially with broken eggs, into.

Lesson Resources

Egg Rubric   Rubric
Egg rubric.htm  


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