Lesson: Chose a Trait and then Explain it!

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Lesson Objective

Students will be able to determine the BEST trait to describe a character and explain why they chose that trait.

Lesson Plan

Objective:  Students will be able to use strong character traits to describe a character and state why they are describing that character in that way. 

Do Now: 

Have students in their notebooks, on a post it, or on a sheet of paper answer the question:  If you could use one word to describe yourself what would it be and why?


Teaching Point:  Good readers use strong character trait to describe a character and state why they are describing that character that way

Connection:  when we think of characters we can think of so many things about them.  What they are doing, what kind of character they are, what their role is in a story, what part of the story they so importantly or unimportantly play. But sometimes we might just want to focus on one important thing about a character like how we would describe a character.  How we describe a character is by giving that character a trait..



Provide the students with a premade list of character trait words or come up with a list as a class of words that you can come up with to describe characters.  Then use the list each day when your kids are referring to or describing characters. 

Using a read aloud with strong character traits:  A Chair for my mother, those shoes, rainbow fish, chyrstanthumum, brand new kid  model how you can determine a trait for a character by thinking of that character and then creating a list of words that would describe that character, then choose the best word and come up with a sentence the explains why you chose the word that you chose. 

Model using a template just like the one  kids will do on their own:

Character Name:


Reasoning for choosing trait:


Independent Practice:  Students use their just right books or a read aloud book to go through and identify why they would chose a certain trait for a character and explain that trait. 


Lesson Resources

Choose a trait and explain it resource  


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