Lesson: What's The Author's Purpose

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Lesson Objective

Students will be able to identify and explain the author's purpose of selected text.

Lesson Plan

Do Now
Define the three reasons why author's write?

Today we are going to do a variety of activities on author's purpose.  We are going to look at the reasons why understsanding author's purpose is important to our comprehension on a text. 

Direct Instruction
Begin by assessing the students’ prior knowledge. Why do they think the author would have a purpose for writing a story and/or article? What kind of questions do they ask themselves while reading to figure out the purpose? What does the author’s purpose mean?
• Persuade: to convince the reader of a certain point of view
• Inform: to teach or give information to the reader
• En t e rt a i n : to hold the attention of the reader through enjoyment

Guided Practice

Choose a combination of text, fiction, nonfiction, poetry, historical fiction, folktales, etc., and set the room up with centers having a book at each center. Depending on how many books you use, have the students work in partners or in small groups. As the students are moving through the centers, ask them to take notes about each text, focusing on the type of organization and/or traits and the author’s purpose. After the allotted time, reconvene as a whole group, discuss each text and chart the students’ ideas.

Independent Practice
Ask each student to bring in a newspaper from home and/or provide newspapers. Have each student and/or small group cut out titles of different articles. Have each group display their titles under the correct heading - persuade, inform, and entertain. As a group, read each title aloud and ask the students what the author’s purpose is. Have the group explain what word and/or phrases support their choice for the author’s purpose.

What specific evidence in a text helps the reader to identify the author's purpose?

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