Lesson: Purpose & Point of View Through TV

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Lesson Objective

Students will be able to: explain and identify author's purpose and point of view. analyze the author's purpose of popular television shows

Lesson Plan

Do Now
Complete the author's purpose worksheet by identifying the purpose of each passage.

Every time an author writes, he or she has a purpose in mind. Writers usually write to explain, persuade, or to entertain. Understanding an author’s purpose will help readers interpret the information.  The author’s point of view is often expressed through the purpose for writing.
Today we are going to practice identifying and explaining author's purpose in television and advertisments.  This will help students understand author's pupose text.

Direct Instruction

Teacher will give a mini lesson on author's purpose and point of view using PowerPoint.  The powerpoint presentation is interactive and allows students to identify both point of view and the author's purpose.

Guided Practice:

This activity helps students to identify the different purposes of television programs. The students will categorize various programs as to whether they inform, persuade or entertain.

  • The students brainstorm programs that can be found on the television.
  • The teacher makes a table or chart using these terms as headings on the board or chart paper.
  • As a class, categorize the TV programs brainstormed earlier under these headings.
Students should be able to justify and explain their answers.

Independent Practice:
Teacher will hand out strips that say to inform, persuade or entertain.  students will get into groups and use the strip to design an advertisment for a TV show.  They must choose one of the shows from the brainstorming list.  This advertisment must be in print.  They must demonstrate that they are infrming, persuading or entertaining an audience.
Students will work in groups to create an advertisment for a product that


Why is it helpful to know the author's purpose when reading a text?

Lesson Resources

author s purpose activity   Starter / Do Now
Authors Purpose   Smart Board


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