Lesson: Idenfying The Main Idea

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Lesson Objective

Students will be able to: identify and explain the main idea of a passage clearly define and write the main idea of a passage

Lesson Plan

Do Now
Remember the last movie you say what was it about? did you enjoy it?  Write a 4 -6 sentence paragraph about the movie?

You are on your way to Science class, and your friend asks you about the movie you saw last night. Your friend doesn't have time to hear about the whole two hours of the movie, but you can tell you friend in a few sentences what the movie is about.
What's it all about?  The answer to this question is the main idea. The main idea refers to what a paragraph or an article is about. "Main" means what is important, or key, the heart of the matter. "Idea" means the thought, the thesis or the topic.

Direct Instruction

Teacher will show a powerpoint presentation on main idea.  This powerpoint is interactive and will require that the students pay close attention and provide answers to questions.  It will show them how to identify main idea and provide them with practice on itentifying it.

Guided Practice
The direct Instruction will collide with the guided practice because students will be practicing how to identify main idea in the powerpoint.

Independent Practice
In groups or independently students will work on identifying the main idea practice exercises.

Using the paragraph you wrote for do now, identify the main idea.  If you do not have a main idea - clearly rewrite one ensuring that your other three sentences support the main idea. 

Lesson Resources

Stated main Idea Practice   Classwork
Main Idea How To Identify It   Smart Board


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