Lesson: Plot Structure

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Lesson Objective

students should be able to: • define climax • finish reading the novel • explain plot line/pyramid of action

Lesson Plan

Do Now:
Who has had the greatest influence on you? Why?
Students will then be asked to write and epigraph about Mr. Pignati's death BEFORE reading the chapter. They know he is going to die because its been foreshadowed throughout the book

Today we will conclude reading The Pigman.  As you read the last few chapters focus on the entire plot of the story, the conflict that has lead up to the climax and how the events will be resolved.

Direct Instruction
Have students read the remaining chapters in the novel in groups or independently.  This will allow the teacher to pull small groups of students who need additional help with reading comprehension.

Guided Practice
Teacher  will lead a class discussion on  the plot pyriamd  including: exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution. Students will then draw a pyramid on their paper and we will trace the pyramid of action in The Pigman. Students will be required to draw and illustrate this pyramid by using scenes from the novel on their paper for a in-class assignment.

Indpendent Practice
Lorraine blames John for what happens to Mr. Pignati. John seems to blame Mr. Pignati
himself. Who, if anyone, is to blame? With a group of classmates, carefully review chapters 14 through 15. Try to come to an agreement of opinion. Then share your opinion with others groups in your class.

Did the book end as you expected? Explain your answer.

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