Lesson: Character Relationships

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Lesson Objective

students will be able to: • define the relationship between characters like Mr. Pignati and his pet friend, Bobo. • define symbolism and give an example from Chapters 5-6 • reflect their comprehension by creating a visual representation

Lesson Plan

Do Now:
How do you express your individuality? Do you wear unusual clothes? Style your hair a certain way? Listen to certain kinds of music?

Today we will continue reading The Pigman.  While reading Chapters 5 & 6 focus on the development of characters relationships with other character in the text.

Direct Instruction:
I suggest reading the first few chapters together as a class.  once students have a clear understaning of the characters, plot, setting I recommend assigning reading groups or independent reading so that the teacher can pull small groups of students that are sturggling with reading comprehension.

Guided Practice:

After reading chapter 5 & 6 teacher will lead a class discussion answer the questions below:
  • What does Mr. Pignati collect and why?

  • Where does Mr. Pignati want to take John and Lorraine? Why?

  • When mentioning his wife, what does Mr. Pignati say and how does he react?

  • Who is Bobo and what is his relationship to Mr. Pignati?

  • What are the impressions of Mr. Pignati's house? Mr. Pignati?

  • Do John and Lorraine like Mr. Pignati? Why or why not? List 3 reasons.

  • What happens at their adventure at the zoo? List 3 things.
Independent Practice:
Students will draw a visual representation of Mr. Pignati's home (inside or out) how they imagine it. They will also need to draw ,on a separate sheet of paper, a picture of John, Lorraine, and Mr. Pignati (physical descriptions). They will have to label each picture and write one sentence describing what they've drawn OR what the characters (John, Lorraine, or Mr. Pignati) might be saying.

Describe the relationship between Mr. Pignati and his pig collection?  Why are they so important?

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