Lesson: Point of View

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Lesson Objective

students will be able to: • distinguish between the characters' personalities • define first-person point of view • describe the "two person" narrator system

Lesson Plan

Do Now
What is your reaction to the characters you've meet in The Pigman thus far?  Do you like them? Can you relate to them?  Does what they say make you laugh?  Explalin

Today we pauce from reading to dicuss the characters and narrator telling the story.  We will then discuss the advantages and disadvantages to the reader of having a narractor.

Direct Instruction:
Teacher will give a lecture on Narrator, Point of View and Voice through powerpoint.  This powerpoint is interactive and will allow for class discussion and interactiveness with the students.

Guided Practice

As a class students will discuss the following questions
  • What strengths does John offer as a narrator?

  • What strengths does Lorraine offer?

  • How do the two narrators offset each other?

  • By using the two narrator system, what can you think of in terms of advantages?

  • Are there any weaknesses you can see by having two people telling the story?

  • Do you find it confusing reading the story with two narrators?

Independent Practice:
In chapter 4, Lorraine says that Norton is a social outcast. With a group of classmates, discuss what she means. Together, decide which other characters in the novel might be called outcasts and why. Share your group’s conclusions with other groups in your class.

Would you prefer only one person telling the story? Why or why not?

Lesson Resources

Narrator and Voice   Starter / Do Now


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