Lesson: Main Characters & Vocabulary

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Lesson Objective

students will be able to: • define meaning by using context clues • list and discuss the main character of chapters 1-4 • describe and list differences in characters

Lesson Plan

Do Now:
Students are given a vocabualry worksheet on the words in the novel.  Students answer the questions and review it with the teacher.

Today we will begin reading The Pigman.  While reading Chapters 1 - 4 focus on the introdution of the new characters that we are about to meet.  Can you form a picture of what they look like in your head?  What are there personalities like?

Direct Instruction:
I suggest reading the first few chapters together as a class.  once students have a clear understaning of the characters, plot, setting I recommend assigning reading groups or independent reading so that the teacher can pull small groups of students that are sturggling with reading comprehension.

Guided Practice:
As a class students will discuss the following questions below:
  • What kind of reputation does John have among his friends?

  • How does John feel about school? How did he act on his feelings when he was a freshman?
  • What does Mrs. Jensen think of Lorraine? Does Lorraine share her opinion? Explain.

  • What do you think of John's system of cursing? Is it appropriate?

  • Based on John and Lorraine's first meeting, what prediction would you make about their relationship?

  • In your opinion, who tells the story more accurately? Who do you prefer? Why?

Independent Practice:
Students will then use a compare and contrast graphic organizer to compare John and Lorraine.

Which character do you most identify with, why?

Lesson Resources

The Pigman Venn Diagram   Activity
Pigman Vocabulary Chapter 1 3   Starter / Do Now


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