Lesson: Introduction of The Author - Paul Zindell

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Lesson Objective

Students will be able to: • establish a connection between the author and his works • make predictions about the plot based on the author's biographical sketches • explain how the author used his literature to teach there readers a lesson

Lesson Plan

Do Now
In your journal describe your friend and explain why you value his/her frienship.  Who is your best friend? Why is this person’s friendship important to you?

Direct Instruction:
Students will be introduced to both Paul Zindel and the novel by viewing a powerpoint presentation.

Guided Practice:

Students will be asked what a biography is and its purpose in literature. We will examine and discuss its meaning and relevance. Students will discuss how a biography can be useful in relationship to an author's work.

Students will be given a biographical sketch of Paul Zindel. They will read the article silently and then we will discuss, as a class, our findings. Students will make Venn Diagram in their notes to compare the author to his works. After this has been completed, a copy of The Pigman will be handed out and we will preview the book.

Independent Practice:

In Groups students will establish discuss the connection between the author and his works. Student will then create an advertisment for the book based what they know about the author and from the cover and back of the novel.

Based on what we learned about the author do you think you will enjoy reading this novel? Why or why not

Lesson Resources

Paul Zindel Biography   Activity
The Pigman   Smart Board


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