Lesson: Westing Game Ch. 25 -30

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Lesson Objective

Students measure predictions and hypotheses against what ultimately happens in the book, get closure with the story

Lesson Plan

 Lesson Name: Westing Game: Final Chapters            Course: High School Language Arts by Anke al-Bataineh

Students measure predictions and hypotheses against what ultimately happens in the book, get closure with the story

Essential Questions:            (write on board)
Who will be guilty of each crime?

Who will win the Westing Game?

What will happen to each of the characters in the future?

Westing Game book

Anticipatory Set:         (10 min)
Ask students, on a piece of paper, to make predictions about each of the essential questions. Encourage them to think about the evidence in the book and the presentations and write down every prediction they can think of! They might be right!

Input:         (5 min)
Explain to students that these chapters are a little lengthy and the main goal here is to get closure, so you will be reading straight through Ch. 28. Then they can read the last two chapters about the future on their own and find out about each character.

Guided Practice:         (45 min)
Follow your established reading procedures. Read chapters 24 (if you haven’t already), 25-28.


At the end of Chapter 26, stop and discuss the directions and the hints in “find the fourth”. Many students will not make the West, North, South, East jump on their own.

Independent Work:         (10 min)
Ask students to journal about whether their predictions were correct and how they feel about each outcome.

Conclusion/Assessment:         (2 min)
Informally (or formally, if you wish), poll students on whether they enjoyed this book and which parts of the unit they enjoyed or did not enjoy.

Lesson Reflection:

What went well?

What would you change?

What needs explanation?

Students had strong reactions to each revealed fact. Explaining the double meanings explicitly allowed the lower-function and ELL students to keep up with the others.

Strong groups may be excited by the suspense and. Knowing the procedures well, may want to take turns reading the final chapters aloud. I like to give them this ownership when feasible.

Sam Westing wasn’t dead!!!!!! He had disguised himself as the men with the directions for last names. The directions the WINDS can go, because his real name was Windy Windkloppel.


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