Lesson: Analyzing POV, Dialect and Sterotypes

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Lesson Objective

Students will analyze a short story to better understand point of view, dialect and sterotypes.

Lesson Plan

Do Now:
Students will complete an assignment in the Language Development Do Now packet.

Today we continuing to analyzing "Thank You M'am" by looking the point of view, dialect and sterotypes.  Thank you Ma'm is a great example of how  story can be told from certain point of views. It also provides good examples of sterotypes and dialect in a story and how they effect our understand and reading of them.

Direct Instruction:
teacher and student will do a guided notes activity to define the following:
  • point of view
  • first person
  • second person
  • third person
  • dialect
  • sterotypes

Guided Practice & Independent Practice:
Students for this assisgnment you are going to pretend as if you are Roger about 15 years after the incident with Ms. Jones.  You now write Ms. Jones who you have not seen in all this time.  You are going to tell her about your life, your family, your plans and your future.
(Assignment sheet is attached with blank lined paper for letter)

How differently would this story have been if it were told from the perspective of one character either Ms. Jones or  Roger

Lesson Resources

Thank You Ma m Graphic Organizer   Classwork
Thank You Ma m Letter To Ms Jones Assignment   Activity
Thank you m am do now s   Starter / Do Now


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