Lesson: The Purpose of Thank You Ma'm

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Lesson Objective

Students will explain how author's purpose effects the readers understanding of a short story.

Lesson Plan

Do Now:
Students will complete an assignment in the Language Development Do Now packet.

Today we continuing to analyzing "Thank You M'am" by looking the author's purpose.  Now we all know that author's write for three reasons: to inform, persuade and entertain.   Today we are going to review author's purpose and then discuss implied author's purpose.  we will review author's purpose by viewing a PowerPoint on it and will define implied author's purpose.

Direct Instruction:
Teacher will conduct a review lecture on Author's Purpose using the PowerPoint.  There is an opportunity for students to answer questions and take notes.  Teacher may want to provide this powerpoint to the students as notes.

Guided Practice
Teacher will then define implied author's purpose to the students
Implied Author's Purpose: when the author's reason for writing a piece is not clearly stated. 
Students and teacher will discuss the various purposes that Langston Hughes may have had for writing this.  Teacher will create an anchor chart of reasons for the class to use for their independent practice.

Independent Practice:
Students will create a comic strip to share their favorite scene from the story.  The comic strip must include dialogue in each box and the title should reflect what the author's purpose was for this scene.
Students should be given an opportunity to share out with other students.

What one question would you ask Mr. Hughes about why he  wrote Thank You M'am?

Lesson Resources

Author s Purpose Handout   Smart Board
comic strip 3 rows   Assessment
Comic Strip with tag lines   Activity
Thank you m am do now s   Starter / Do Now


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