Lesson: Characterization of Roger & Ms. Jones

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Lesson Objective

Students will be able to identify character traits in a text by completing a characterization chart to better understand how characters change throughout a text.

Lesson Plan

Do Now:
Students will complete an assignment in the Language Development Do Now packet.

Today we continuel analyzing "Thank You M'am" by looking at the main characters of this short story.  First we will define character traits, types of characters and then we will look directly at Thank You M'am to help us better understand this.  Students will also see how characters change over the course of a text.
(Ask students)
Who are the two main characters of this story?
Do you think that Langston Hughes purposely only had two characters in this story? Why or Why not?

Direct Instruction:
Teacher will show a power point on characterization that directly relates to the charcters in Thank You Ma'm.  There will be opprotunity for discuss and questions are asked throughout the PPT.

Guided Practice:
When the PPT is complete teacher and student will do a guided notes activity to define the following:
  • static character
  • dynamic characters
  • indirect characterization
  • direct characterization

Independent Practice:
Using the character of Mrs. Jones and the boy in the story, "Thank You M’am", students will use a T Chart chart for comparing and contrasting these characters.

Describe Mrs. Jones and the way she treats Roger. Describe Roger and the way
he responds to Mrs. Jones.

Lesson Resources

Characterization in Thank You M am   Activity
Thank You M am Characterization Chart   Activity
Thank you m am do now s   Starter / Do Now


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