Lesson: Egg Demonstration

David Kujawski Bird Middle East Walpole, MA
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Lesson Objective

YWBAT: Record observations and make inferences about the egg demonstration

Lesson Plan

Safety notice: This demonstration requires the use of open flames (matches).  Identify the location of fire extinguishers and blanks in your lab.  In addition, be sure that students are a safe distance away and that they remain in their seats.  You may want to alert your colleagues that there may be a faint smell of burning matches in the hallway throughout the day.

Non-safety materials needed for demonstration:

  • Enough hardboiled eggs for your classes; a few extra are a good idea
  • 0ne 500mL Erlenmyer flask
  • Matches


DO NOW: Ask students to recall what they remember about observations and inferences.  Review.

Next: [with enthusiasm] explain that you have an amazing demonstration in class today that will ask your students to use their observation and inference skills to help explain what happens to the egg. 

Predictions: prior to performing the experiment in front on the class, have students record their predictions on their worksheets.  Stress that being incorrect is okay and, in fact, scientists are wrong about predictions all the time.

Next: Perform the demonstration...


Next: Guide your students through figuring out how the egg got into the flask.  Use (Egg demo worksheet) as your guide.  Once they have a handle on how it go it, you can ask them how to get the egg out (exhale into the flask and the pressure inside will be greater that the pressure outside, pushing the egg out of the flask.


Lesson Resources

EGG Demo Worksheet.doc  


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