Lesson: Driving Directions

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Lesson Objective

Students learn rules for adding and subtracting integers that are very simple and similar to driving directions.

Lesson Plan

 See attached Powerpoint. I generally practice this with students for several days, using games to make the repetition more fun, and then come back to it several times throughout the year. This is a huge sticking point for many kids in Algebra and Pre-Algebra, so it can require some drilling.

I use the Powerpoint and have the students simultaneously working on the worksheet. They complete this worksheet and save it in their binder as notes. 

The rest of the hour may be spent asking students to write directions (lows) or solve problems (highers) in pairs or independently. 

When students are feeling competent, they might log in as guest and practice on lpsmath.org, or another web-based exercise. They should be able to rate their accuracy this way, but I de-emphasize speed. 

Use the Challenge Question to wrap up the day.

Lesson Resources

Driving Integers   Notes
Integers Like Driving   Lesson Plan


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