Lesson: Parts of Speech Charades

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Lesson Objective

Students will be able to identify, describe and explain the different parts of speech.

Lesson Plan

Do Now:
Students will complete an assignment in the context clues do now packet


(Teacher Says)
Today we are going to review the 8 parts of speech by playing charades.  We are also going to practice using all 8 parts of speech when we write.sentences. Before we start Charades and Writing let's Reveiw

Direction Instruction:
As a whole class students will answer these questions, in preparation
Review Questions:

What are the 8 parts of speech? Can i have an example of an adjective? Can someone please use a propostion in a sentence? I need to know the correct way to use an adverb? What's a conjunction?
Guided & Indpendent Practice:

Game Rules: Split the class into two groups. Call up one member from each team. The teacher shows only these two kids a word and they have to bid on how much time it would take them to act it out, and for their team members to bid. Once the bid is set, the timer is set and one student is required to use the corresponding symbol to assist their team, and then act it out. If the team guesses the word - they get the point. If the first team doesn't get it, the second student gets a crack at it.

Materials: Index cards with words that are either nouns, verbs, adjective and adverbs. As well you will need 4 cards with corresponding symbols to the 4 parts of speech. I use an arrow for Noun (pointing), an + for an Adjective (adding to a noun),a V for verb, for and A for Adverb.


Write two sentences describing your personality.  You must include all 8 parts of speech in these two sentences.

Lesson Resources

Context Clues Do Now Exercises   Starter / Do Now


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