Lesson: 8.31 Observation and Inferences

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Lesson Objective

Differentiate between observations and inferences.

Lesson Plan

Tuesday August 31, 2010

8.31 Observations and Inferences

8th Grade Life Science Ryland



-          Differentiate between observations and inferences.


Do Now

-          Weekly Vocabulary Quiz


  1. Vocabulary quiz. (10)
  2. Paper pass back (10)
  3. Big Ideas 1-3 (if any are left from Friday) (10)
  4. Class read, observations and inferences information sheet (10)
  5. Making Observations and Inferences Activity. (10)
  6. Wrap-up/homework (5)



-          PH’s combine: Observations and Inferences


Lesson Sequence/Notes:

  1. Do Now/Vocabulary Quiz (10)

-           Each Tuesday students take a vocabulary quiz (on Monday’s words) for their Do Now.

-           Each student receives a vocabulary quiz answer sheet, and the words are projected on the board. The definitions are read out loud and the students have to write down the correct definition.

-           Some weeks students are assigned either even’s or odd’s to answer, other weeks they are required to answer all of the definitions, spelling does count.

-           There are three versions to the answer sheet (reg ed: no word bank, accommodated: word bank with all of the words, and modified: word bank with only the most important words).

-           For this quiz, any student receiving the modified version of the quiz would be answering the ODD numbered definitions.

  1. Paper pass back (10)

-          Students will place these graded papers in the graded work section of their binder.


  1. Class read, observations and inferences information sheet (10)

-          We read these information sheets as a class. I go between having students volunteer to read and choosing students to read particular paragraphs.


  1. Making Observations and Inferences. (10)

-          Activity: Students will have a graphic organizer with a column for observations and a column for inferences.

-          They will receive a box with something in it.

-          They have to make 5 observations and 2 inferences for each of the boxes.

-          We will share as a class and they class will vote as to whether their observations and inferences are categorized correctly.

  1. Wrap-up/homework (5)

-          For today’s wrap-up, we will review the difference between observations and inferences. We also review the expectations for the homework.

Materials Needed:

-          Vocabulary Quiz

-          Even and odd markers

-          Prentice Hall Readings on making observations and making inferences

-          Observations and Inferences Graphic Organizer

-          2 boxes for each table (18 total)

-          Prentice Hall Observation and Inferences Practice WKST

Lesson Reflection:

-          The vocabulary quiz is done on the Smart Board, but if that is not an option it can very easily be done on the over-head projector.

-          If whole class reading is not something that works well, these WKST’s can very easily be read in groups. The groups can then be brought back together for review of the “Things to Remember” at the end of each of the sheets.

-          There are three versions of the homework, the first is the regular ed version, the accommodated version (easier format but same content), and the modified version (easier format and shorter content also includes examples)


Lesson Resources

8 31 Adapted PH Observations Inferences and Hypotheses Practice   Homework
8 31 Observations and Inferences Practice   Classwork
8.31 Scientific Method Vocabulary Quiz.docx  
Prentice Hall Observing Reading.pdf   Reading Passage
Prentice Hall Inferring Reading.pdf   Reading Passage


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