Lesson: Symmetry

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Lesson Objective

Students will analyze properties of Plane figures in order to locate line of symmetry.

Lesson Plan

Engagement ( Warm- Up) 5 min.:
Display two different shapes: Triangle and Square

Ask the students of they were to fold the paper evenly, would there be two equal pieces on either side of the paper?

Allow students to share their answers and demonstrate if possible.

Exploration (Self- Guided) 10 min.: (Notes)
Symmetry is when a figure can be divided into equal parts from one end to the other and both parts are exactly the same.

According to the Warm- Up: Which figure is Symmetric?

Explanation (Insrtuctional) 15 minutes:
Teacher will display several figures onthe board and demonstrate how to find the line of symmetry if there are any.

-Square (4 lines) diagnolly, horizontally, vertically
- Equilateral Triangle (3 lines) from each angle to opposite sides
- Pentagon (1 line) Vertical
- Octagon (4lines) vertical, horizontal, 2 diagnolly
- Hexagon (2 lines) vertical, horizontal

Once the teacher has done a few, allow the students to come to the board and try to find the lines of symmetry.

Elaboration (Classwork/ Homeowrk) 20 min.:
Homework/ Classowrk: Symmetric Art
Lines of Symmetry WKST.

Evaluation (Closing) 5 min.:
Exit Ticket 2 min.:
How do you determine if figures are symmetricr?

Allow two students to share their responses and poll the class to see which students agree with the answers. Collect and evaluate answers for reteaching if needed.

Lesson Resources

Symmetric Art   Homework
Lines of Symmetry   Classwork
Symmetry   Other


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