Lesson: Congruence and Similarity

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Lesson Objective

Students will evaluate several figures and determine if the set of shapes is congruent

Lesson Plan

Engagement ( Warm- Up) 8 min.:
1.) Display two different shapes: Triangle and Square
2.) Display a square and a rectangle
3) Display two circles that are exactly the same

Quick Write: ( 2 minutes for each)
Are the two figures are the same? Do they have anything in common? Please explain.

Students should infer that the shapes are different because they have a different amount of sides and angles and look different. Cirlces are the exact same. The square and the rectangle are similar, but not the same.

Exploration (Self- Guided) 10 min.: (Notes)
Congruent figures are the same size and the same shape.
figures have the same number of sides, but be different sizes.

According to the Warm- Up: Which figures are Congruent and Which are similar?

Explanation (Independent) 10 minutes:
Congruence Wkst.
Students will see several different shapes and identify which are similar, congruent, or different.

Elaboration (Classwork/ Homeowrk) 20 min.:
Homework/ Classowrk: Congruent Collages

Evaluation (Closing) 5 min.:
Exit Ticket 2 min.:
How do you determine if figures are congruent or similar?

Allow two students to share their responses and poll the class to see which students agree with the answers. Collect and evaluate answers for reteaching if needed.

Lesson Resources

Congruence Collage   Classwork
Congruence and Similarity   Classwork


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