Lesson: Identifying Solids

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Lesson Objective

Students will analyze properties of solid geometric figures in order to identify solids in real life situations.

Lesson Plan

Engagement ( Warm- Up) 5 min.:
Display two figures: Sqaure Prism and Square pyramid
 Ask the students to tell the difference betweenthe two.

Allow students to share their answers and demonstrate if possible.

Exploration (Self- Guided): (Notes from Previous)
Solid figures have 3 dimensions: length, width, and height.
Face: the flat surface where the edges meet.
Edge: the line segment that connects two faces and two vertices
Vertex: the corner or point where edges meet.

Explanation (Insrtuctional) 15 minutes:
Teacher will have students display the figures that they created from the activity so that students can see how each looks.

Teacher will give the students time to review the figures in their groups with the designated activity.

Students will review the properties of each solid by selecting a stick from the bag and describing the solid named on the stick until each person in the group has presented a figure.

Elaboration (Classwork/ Homeowrk) 10 min.:
Students will make a list of all the solid figures that are in the room based on the properties that are identified.

Homework: Identifying Solids WKST.

Evaluation (Closing) 5 min.:
Exit Ticket 2 min.:
What property does a square pyramid have the makes it different form a triangular pyramid? Be Specific.

Lesson Resources

identifying solids wkst   Classwork


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