Lesson: Syllabus, Introduction, and People Bingo

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Lesson Objective

SWBAT: 1. Become familiar with the Classroom Syllabus by completing a syllabus scavenger hunt. 2. Become familiar with one another including the instructor by participating in People Bingo.

Lesson Plan

Warm Up (10 minutes)
Students each receive a 3"x5" index card upon entrance for this activity.  Students will write their seating assignment and demographics information on the card. On the reverse side, students will copy their schedule.

Intro to Ritual and Routine #1:
Instructor quick introduction. Countdown. Students will engage in an activity that will involve active listening between each other as well as being aware of the instructor's countdown. 

Anticipatory Set (15 minutes): People Bingo
Teacher will model the completion of the bingo sheet outlining the Following procedures:
1. Students meet in pairs, shake hands, and introduce each other by first name.
2. Students ask questions of each other from the handout.
3. Students exchange signatures.

Routine #1: Class Countdown.
Students will return to seats within a 5 second countdown. Teacher will take time of the activity and compare classes on the board.

Activity: Discussion and Debrief
Students return to seating assignments as quickly as possible. Teacher provides feedback to Routine #1. Depending on quality of Routine #1, teacher may ask students to try again.
Teacher engages students in discussion by asking, "Who in this classroom did ______________." 

Activity: Syllabus Scavenger Hunt
Working in 4's, students work on the Syllabus Scavenger Hunt together. First group to complete the activity wins Notebooks.

Lecture and Debrief:
Teacher outlines most important portions of the Syllabus as well as required materials for next session.

Exit Slip:
What assignments are due upon our next meeting?

Lesson Resources

002 Syllabus Scavenger Hunt   Syllabus
001 Syllabus for Technology   Syllabus
03 Signature Game   Activity


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