Lesson: Persuasive Letter Editing

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Lesson Objective

SW revise persuasive letters for sentence fluency.

Lesson Plan


SW revise persuasive letters for sentence fluency.

Essential Questions:

• What does a complete sentence involve?
• How can I include a variety of sentence types in my writing?


Finish final draft of persuasive letter.

Lesson Plan: I Do

Teacher models the use of the reflection sheet and peer editing sheet to improve an example letter.

Lesson Plan: We Do

Students take 5 minutes at desk to do a review of their own letters, improving sentence fluency where possible. This ensures that no student has an excuse for not having corrected careless errors.

Then, students form into groups and trade letters, improving each others’ using editors’ symbols and the editing sheet provided.

Lesson Plan: You Do

Any students who get their letters back with enough feedback to be going on can begin their final drafts.

Editing sheet goes home as notes, gets turned in tomorrow as part of the project grade.

1. What went well?

2. What would you change?

3. What needs explanation?

 Having a form for the kids to follow as they edit each other's work is not only effective, it's practically necessary--it demands that they slow down and actually think about the draft that, otherwise, they might just be skimming.

 I'm not totally enchanted with how all-over-the-place the editing form is; I think it might benefit from a bit more focus on one or two traits. Revising for content, style, and conventions at the same time seems a bit above the multitasking abilities of some of my students.

 In the packet attached, I'd suggest using pages seven and eight as an editing form. You can use five and six if you haven't introduced the concept of compound/complex sentence structure yet--it's just a slightly watered-down version.

Each of the two editing forms goes along with a certain rubric (later on in the same document)--the two are similar but emphasize different "finishing touches." Make sure to find the one that corresponds to the editing sheet you've used. 

Lesson Resources

Persuasive letter materials  


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