Lesson: Persuasive Letter Pre-Writing

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Lesson Objective

SW complete pre-writing exercises for a persuasive letter.

Lesson Plan

Lesson Objective:

SW complete pre-writing exercises for a persuasive letter.

Essential Questions:

• Who is my audience?
• What is my main idea?
• What persuasive devices can I use to push my main idea?


Finish pre-writing sheets

Materials Needed:

Prompt sheet (choice board)
Argument graphic organizer

Lesson Plan: I Do

Teacher guides students through their various choices; class, as a whole, comes up with the things that each possible audience cares about.

Teacher models the completion of a pre-writing sheet.

Lesson Plan: We Do Together

Students form into word-study groups. First, the entire group speed-sorts. Then, each student individually has to write out all the words on a sheet of looseleaf.

Lesson Plan: You Do

After students write their sorts, they start work on their persuasive pre-writing sheets.

1. What went well?

2. What would you change?

3. What needs explanation?

It's such a good idea--whenever you can--to allow students the ability to choose which prompt they'll respond to. It gets my students really excited to jump into the writing process.



 The major limitation here is the difficulty in helping each kid individually. At first, I tried to do quick fly-bys for each one, but that proved ineffective; I'd suggest trying to have genuinely illuminating conferences with three or four students per ten minutes.

 The choice board is a little place-and-time-specific; you'll want to change a few of the names and places to tailor them to the students that you teach.

And the attached document is a massive hodgepodge of all the materials needed for this little mini-project; for this particular lesson, you'll only need the first three pages or so (unless you want to distribute the rubric to go along with them).

Lesson Resources

Persuasive letter materials  


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