Lesson: Identify & Restate a Question: BCR

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Lesson Objective

SWBAT underline and restate the question in a BCR prompt

Lesson Plan

Materials Needed: DN Worksheet, white board, dry erase markers, BCR Response Template for each student, BCR Response completed with question, BCR examples on chart paper, zip lock bags, GP answer choices, and IND Practice Worksheet.
Vocabulary: BCR, underlining, restate, and topic sentence

Do Now (2 - 3 min): The teacher passes out the DN worksheet, which requires selecting the correct operation in an expression. The students should only complete the first column on the DN Worksheet.

Opening (2 -3 min): Teacher opens by reviewing the answers to the DN and asking the students for a thumbs up / thumbs down about the difficulty of this task. The teacher then states the objective; “You should have found some of them easy and others harder to select the appropriate operation. During this unit we will need to use our reasoning skills to figure out what a word problem/BCR really wants us to solve for. Yesterday we learned that BCRs were a type of question that we will be expected to answer in writing on the DC-CAS. Today, we are going to focus on the questions in BCR prompts. By the end of the lesson, you will be able to underline and restate the question.”

Direct Instruction (10 - 15 min):
Teacher explains, “I mentioned that we will need to use our reasoning skills to figure out what a BCR really wants us to solve for. Today, we will be focusing on the question. We won’t be solving the problem. I want you all to take a look at the graphic organizer I put at your seats. During this unit, we will be using the graphic organizer to make sure we answer each part of the BCR and that we have thought out all the relevant information. Today we will be focusing on the center circle. This is where we will put the question that the BCR wants us to solve for.” The teacher then shows the students a Graphic Organizer with the question written in. The teacher continues, “Please look up here and see what I want each of your graphic organizers to look like at the end of today’s lesson. Now lets get started by reading the BCR on today’s chart silently to ourselves, before it is read aloud to the class. Please stop reading after question b.” After giving a moment for all to read it silently, the teacher then calls on a student to read the BCR aloud to the class.

The teacher continues, “ Thank you for reading it aloud. I am going to now pick out the question and underline it. Please watch as I do this.”  The teacher rereads the BCR prompt to himself/herself in a lower tone, modeling how it should be reread for the students. Once he/she reaches the question she pauses, and says aloud, “I think I have found it, but I am not sure, I am going to reread.” After doing so, the teacher underlines the two questions found and copies them onto the graphic organizer. The teacher then continues, “It is very important that we both underline the question, so we can refer back to it easily and we know which question we are restating for our topic sentence. I want you to each copy the question into the center box, and then on a separate sheet of paper we will practice restating the question. Restating the question is merely taking a question and turning it into our topic sentence, which we then put in our center circle of our graphic organizer. When we are restating we leave out the question words and rearrange the words into a sentence or statement. Watch as I do it, and then we will practice with 2 together. First, I cross off the question words, and read it to myself. Then I rearrange the words so it makes a complete sentence once my answer to the problem is in it. [refer to chart for restated questions].

Practice Together:

Q: Mr. Anderson earned exactly 1250 points. He answered more than 5 questions correctly. Show one way that Mr. Anderson could have answered more than 5 questions correctly to earn exactly 1250 points. Explain how you got your answer.

Restated: One way that Mr. Anderson could have answered more than 5 questions correctly to earn exactly 1250 points is____________________________________________

Q: Hudson’s Bakery sells cakes in three different sizes — small, medium, and large. Wilma bought 1 small cake and 2 medium cakes. What was the total cost of the cakes Wilma bought? Show your work or explain how you got your answer.

Restated: The total cost of the cakes that Wilma bought is____________________________________

Guided Practice (10 min):
The teacher hangs Chart 2 (another BCR) example and passes out a baggy with 4 restated questions. Only one of the restatements in the baggy is correct. The students then work together to determine which one is correct and copy it on their sheets.

Independent Practice (10 min):
The teacher hands out the IND worksheet, which mimics the Guided Practice. Students are asked to complete the worksheet independently and turn it in.

Closing (2-3 min):
Teacher calls the attention of the students back toward the front of the class to quickly review the answers to the Independent Practice worksheet/ ask what we learned about.

Lesson Resources

IND Lesson 2   Classwork
DN Equation Missing   Starter / Do Now
BCR Response Template   Exemplar
Example Charts for BCR   Exemplar
GP Answer Choices   Classwork


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