Lesson: Science Fiction

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Lesson Objective

Students will be able to identify features of science fiction.

Lesson Plan



State Standard:

5.LT-G.2. Identify and analyze the characteristics of various genres (poetry, fiction, nonfiction, short story, dramatic literature) as forms with distinct characteristics and purposes.



Students will be able to identify science fiction.


Do Now

What is science? Why is it important? To whom is it important?



Name one scientific invention that you can’t live without.

Direct Instruction

Look around the classroom. What is in our classroom today that might not have been a classroom 50 years ago? Tell students that 50 years ago, the inventions we see in our classroom would have been considered science fiction.



Read excerpts from  “Wrinkle in Time” or “Homework Machine”


 Ask students what is unique about the reading (setting characters, etc). Tell students these book are considered science fiction. Ask students if they have read  science fiction book or watched a science fiction movie. 


Then create a list of some characteristics of science fiction.

ex. another planet, robots, futuristic with some realistic elements,  science is presented as real. Also, discover and discuss that Science fiction crosses into other genres (ex. mystery, 


Define science fiction is literature that creates a fictional view of the world based on scientific and technological facts.

Guided Practice

Give students a mixtures of science fiction, mystery and non-fiction text. Have them choose the science fiction books based on the characteristics the class came up with.

Independent Practice

students will begin reading a science-fiction text. Then they will answer the following: What elements in your book are science fiction? What other genres are found in your text (mystery, fantasy, etc)?



Discuss why it is important to know the characteristics of a science fiction text? Share students independent work.






Lesson Resources

Library List-Take to take with you
Excerpt: Wrinkle in Time
Excerpt HW Machine
Out of This World Science Fiction Books


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