Lesson: Short Story Lesson 6: Irony and "The Gift of the Magi"

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Lesson Objective

Students will be able to analyze the short story for theme and irony

Lesson Plan


Warm-Up:  [10 minutes]

  1. Hand out Quick Quiz on the elements of literature


Mini-Lesson: [20]

  1. Students switch papers and go over correct answers, discuss themes students came up with and check for accuracy/understanding
  2. Hand out copies of “the Gift of the Magi” and Venn Diagrams
  3. Students take out “The Necklace” and review main plot points, irony
  4. Explain that students will be comparing the two stories using the 6 elements of literature plus irony and charting them on the venn diagram as they read


Activity:  [30 minutes]

  1. Students read “The Gift” in table groups, annotating and making connections to “The Necklace.”
  2. Come back together as whole class and have students share out similarities
  3. Students then work in pairs/tables to create outline for a 4 paragraph comparative essay using the two stories and the notes on their venn diagrams
  4. Circulate to check for understanding
  5. Hand out Sample essay, read as a class, discuss
  6. Students make outline based on essay (was it organized by elements or by story?)
  7. Circulate to check for understanding



Hand back 1st drafts of their comparative essays and students will use model essay and teacher feedback to make revisions

Lesson Resources

Gift of the Magi Text   Reading Passage
Quick Quiz on elements of lit   Assessment
venn diagram   Classwork
Sample Comparative Essay    Exemplar


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