Lesson: Entry Routine Jacob Sugar

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Lesson Objective

Objective: By the end of this lesson, students will understand the Class Entry routine. ESL Standard: New York State ESL Learning Standard #5, (P 107) - "Formulate, ask, and respond to various question forms to obtain, clarify, and extend information and meaning (LSRW). (In addition to the Common Core Standard, below)

Lesson Plan

Jacob Sugar's Lesson Plan - Entry Routine
The goal of this lesson is for the class to internalize the procedures and information required to enter the classroom and start the day. By the end of this lesson, students will have been supplied with classroom procedures and rules that are the most immediately necessary to begin their first day of learning.
Where needed, I have included scripted information and notes to myself. The below is subject to alteration by the Co-Teacher and school procedures.

Phase 1: Hallway Management:
I forsee two potential situations for opening day. 1.) The co-teacher and I pick-up our students from the cafeteria/gym and walk them to the classroom. 2.) The students trickle in one at a time until the program starts.
Situation 1 - Students are walked to the classroom.
As soon as I have all of my students alone with me in the hallway (out of the gym/cafeteria), I will deliver the following directions:
"I am Mister Sugar, your English teacher. Please line-up against the wall, facing me. Your left/right shoulder should almost be touching the wall, and you should be facing and looking at me."
I will also physically demonstrate the proper way to line up myself once I have delivered the directions. I will then walk down the line and compliment those that are lined up correctly.
My final direction will be "We must walk quietly in the hall. You should be facing forward. If I stop the line, look at me for additional instructions."
I will then walk along with the students myself, at the front of the line. Once studet arrive at the classroom, I will give the direction for the students to once again line up against the wall, in the same fashion that we did before walking to the room.
I will then proceed with my directions for Phase 2: Threshold.

Situation 2 - Students "trickle in" gradually -
I will immediately move to Phase 2: Threshold.

Phase 2: Threshold
If students are in line, I will publically model the handshake/greeting threshold routine.
Me: Hello, my name is Mr. Sugar. What is your name?
Student: My name is Hugo Alvarez... (I00% response).
I also will require a firm handshake, eye contact, and a smile. I will warmly correct each student's entry tact as they enter the room. I make one adjustment at a time until it is perfect. IE:
"In a professional work-place, we shake each other's hands firmly. Great. We also smile and look each other in the eye. Please try again."
Once students enter, I will direct them to find a seat of their choosing, and to follow the directions I will have pre-written on a piece of chart-paper.
Time Required: 7 Minutes

Phase 3: Do Now
This Do Now is titled "Name Plate."
The Do Now for this lesson will require:
Packages of multi-colored markers.
Manilla folders that have been cut.
3 Examples of Name Plates as visual aids.
After being granted entry, I will say to each student:
"Read the directions for the do now and find yourself a seat."
At this point, a co-teacher could also demonstrate how to make a "name plate" from a manilla folder.
My chart paper will have the following directions:

Do Now:
Today, we are going to get to know each other. To help introduce yourself, please follow these instructions to create a name plate.
(I will attach examples of name plates to the chart paper)
Step One (1):
At the front of the room are your supplies. Please take Two (2) Markers and One (1) piece of firm paper from the front of the room, and take it to your seat.

Step Two (2):
Fold the paper in half, so that it can stand up on your desk (I will attach a blank, folded pice of paper to the directions)

Step Three (3):
Write your name. Be creative! Try to make your name badge the coolest badge in the class!
Once you are finished, please:
Return your markers to the front of the room
Take a Student Survey from the front desk
Return to your seat and answer the questions
(Note: In the event that students complete this task early, I will have said students progress to Phase 4: Who Am I?. I will have an available stack of the written portion of "Who Am I," below, ready to give to students that need more to do.)
I included multiple levels of directions to assess indvidual student's discipline and reading comprehension levels.
(Time required: 7 Minutes)

Phase 4: Who Am I? (Part 1)
Students will find that the room (ideally!) has been broken up into a U-shaped semi- circle of desks, where the "opening" faces the front of the room for instruction. This allows me access to resources and the immediate vicinty of the students.
I will get the class's attention by the "Clap Once if You Can Hear Me" trick.
"Good Morning Class." I will wait for the students to respond. When they inevitably do not do so loud or polite enough, I will repeat myself to gain their attention.
My name is Mister Sugar. I am your English teacher. (At this point, I will turn it over to the co-teacher to introduce themselves and the class)

Who Am I? (Part 2) Stack Your Paper
Student Survey (attached to end of lesson and as additional file).
Pens for students to write with.
(I have downloaded a great example of student survey from Better Lesson.com).
Once students have all been seated and/or completed their name plates, we will learn how to distribute papers. I will hand a stack of Student Surveys to the closest student. I will explain that they are to pass around the room as quickly as they can. This will be an early chance to assess behavior state and listening comprehension.
I will give the following directions:
"Take one Student Survey and pass it to the student next to you. If you already have a survey, take the stack and pass it on. Do this as quickly as you can."
I will halt the students and make them do it again if they are too slow. I will give positive feed-back, reading students' names from their badges to those that move quickly. As an aside, I will have pens available to students that need them.
(4 Minutes)

Who Am I? (Part 3) - Student Survey
Once students have their Surveys, I will direct them:
"Answer as many questions as you can. You have five minutes."
As students do their surveys, I am going to ink-stamp each paper and also say each student's name aloud.
(5 Minutes)

Who Am I Part 4 - (Introductions)
Once it seems that students have begun to complete their surveys, I will deliver the following instructions about pair-work:
"Now, find a shoulder buddy sitting next to you. Take three minutes and introduce yourselves to your shoulder buddy. You must ask your buddy their Name and at least three other questions from the survey!"
The co-teacher and I will model a sample conversation in front of the students before dismissing them into their pairs.
(6 minutes)

Phase 5: Wrap-Up
To close the lesson, I am going to have pairs report aloud to the class about their shoulder buddies. I will demonstrate how to do this with my co-teacher, introducing her and having her introduce me as well.
I will first ask for student volunteers that want to report on their shoulder buddy. As per No Opt Out, every pair will eventually share and speak what they were able to get out of their discussions.
(10 Minutes)
This takes the lesson to 34 total minutes.


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