Lesson: LP 16: French Revolution

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Lesson Objective

Students will learn the key events of the French Revolution in order to apply their knowledge of the Revolutions Framework to this historical event. They will also compare and contrast the three revolutions they have learned about in this unit (French, Mexican, and Haitian).

Lesson Plan

  1. Organization Time (5)

·      Copy HW, LO, update TOC

  1. The French Revolution: From Louis XVI to Napoleon (10)

·      Introduce French Revolution through a couple of short video clips (watch them in order)

·      (1) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cAu0YnJOKas&feature=related (3:21)

·      (2) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IF4lPWU_qxY&feature=related (4:01)

·      Funny South Park Clip <if there’s time>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-dVHN7i57LY

·      Debrief (3)

  1. French Revolution Key Terms (10)

·      Students will work in pairs (essay partners) to complete the vocab sheet (Key Terms)

  1. Timeline (25)

·      Students will complete a notes sheet about major events during the French Revolution using the facts on a timeline posted around classroom (French Revolution Timeline and Notes)

  1. SAC: Napoleon (30)

·      Review directions out loud (French Revolution SAC)

·      Students will work with partner to create an argument about Napoleon based on evidence

·      Partners will then pair up with another set of partners to create a consensus using each other’s arguments that answers the question, “What kind of leader was Napolean?”

  1. Assign HW:  French Revolution Framework

·      Students will complete the framework using facts they learned today about the French Revolution of 1789 (French Rev. Framework)

What went well?
This lesson is high in engagement and very active for students.  It keeps them moving around and participating with the material.  I also like that it gives them the information in multiple ways (video, pictures, notes, debate, etc.)
What would I do differently?
Again, the terminology piece isn't super strong.  I would find a more engaging and interesting way for the students to learn the terms.
What needs explanation?
It might seem strange to have a lesson on the French revolution right in the middle of the Mexican Revolution essays.  I did this for a couple of reasons.  First, to give me time to grade their essays .  Second, to give them a quick crash course on the French revolution for the upcoming state tests.  This actually worked well because they were able to connect it easily with what they had already learned.  In the Structured Academic Controversy, it is important to go over the information with each group so they are confident with their materials.  Then, it helps to really encourage debate and dialogue to make the discussions more interesting.

Lesson Resources

Pint Sized History: French Revolution
French Revolution Overview
South Park: French Revolution
CW: French Revolution Key Terms   Vocabulary
Notes: French Rev Timeline   Notes
Docs: French Revolution Timeline   Activity
CW: French Revolution SAC   Activity
CW: French Revolution Framework   Homework




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