Lesson: Chapters 1 - 47

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Lesson Objective

Students will be able to analyze the novels plot, character development and author's purpose.

Lesson Plan

Do Now:
Underline the transition words or phrases in the following paragraph that show time.

"First, Harpo went and brought Sofia and the baby home. THen, they got married in Sofia Sister house.  SIster's husband stand up with Harpo.  Other sister also sneak away from home to stand up with Sofia.  After that, another sister come to hold the baby.  Finally, the servic ended with he sayin i do with a big ole nursing boy in the arms."

Teacher Says
Today we are going to focus on Chapter's 1 - 47.  We are going to work in groups to have book talks about the plot, characters and then make predictions on what we think will happen.

Direct Instruction:
(Teacher Says)
Before we begin our class discussion on the novel, I want you to take a moment and discuss our immediate reaction to the novel, the characters and the events that have occured this far.
(this is an opportunity for students to ask questions about things they didn't understand or thoughts they have about the novel)

Guided  & Independent Practice
You will have students analyze and interpret the novel thus far and demonstrate their ability to express these observations and conclusions verbally in a large group setting.

In groups students will answer the discussion questions on the handout.
(Break students up into groups.  You can have each group answer and discuss all the questions or have each group work on certain questions.  As the teacher you should circulate from group to group ensuring that discussions are focused on the questions)

Based on what we've read thus far, make a prediction on what you think will happen with Celie & Nettie?

Lesson Resources

The Color Purple Discussion Questions 1 47   Classwork


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