Lesson: Introduction To Color Purple

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Lesson Objective

Students will be able to: Understand the setting and cultural context of when "The Color Purple" was written. Explain the general plot of the novel.

Lesson Plan

Do Now:
Fill in the blanks.
1. A topic _____________ tells what a paragraph is going to be about.
2. A good ______________ sentence names the topic and states your ______________
about it.
Activity: Write a topic sentence for a paragraph about a time when someone tried to bully you. Your sentence must both name the topic and state your opinion.

Teacher will explain that today students are going to start reading a very important, historical, poltical and cultural novel.

Direct Instruction:
Teacher will define setting
Teacher will review setting and the importance in a novel.

Guided Practice

As a whole group students study maps and chart the areas that comprise the setting of The Color Purple in this short activity. Students also briefly study the historical significance of these places.

Independent Practice
Who is Alice Walker scavenger hunt?  Students will work in groups to come up with 5 - 7 interesting facts about Alice Walker.  They will use those facts to write a brief biography about her. 
Students will need computer to quickly research Alice Walker.  Students may also use class textbooks or library books.
Have some students share out

What two things did you learn about the author Alice Walker or the novel "The Color Purple" that you didn't know before.

Lesson Resources

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