Lesson: Volume of Rectangular Prism

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Lesson Objective

SWBAT find the volume of a rectangular prism.

Lesson Plan



Lesson Steps

Do Now

(8:30 – 8:40)/(10:00 –10:10) 

·         T displays 4 review problems

·         S complete problems independently on do now sheet

·         T walks around to check hw/help students with do now questions

·         T/S review problems together

·         S correct their work to reflect the correct answers

HW Check

·         T displays correct answers and work

·         S correct work with colored pencil  T walks around to review specific students work

·         T/S review 3 questions 

Mental Math

(8:40 – 8:50) /(10:10 – 10:20)


Mini Lesson

(8:50 – 9:25)/(10:20 – 10:55) 

·         T will tell students that Volume is a measure for 3D shapes.   

·         T will tell student volume is the number of cubic units that can fit inside of a solid.  (The number of cubes that fit in a shape)

·         T/S will show an example using cubes as manipulatives

o    Give students a rectangular solid and several one inch cubes

o    Ask students to fill the solid with cubes and to count how many cubes fit inside of the solid

o    Explain that this is the volume of the solid

·         T will tell students that while we can always find volume by filling a solid with cubes, we might not always have that available so there is a formula to help us.

·         T will share formula V = lwh

·         T will demonstrate how to find the volume of a shape using the formula

o    Demonstrate with the solid used with manipulatives

o    Show that the length  of the shape is 6 because 6 cubes fit across the length

o    Show that the width of the shape is 4 because 4 cubes fit across the width

o    Show that the shape is 2 units high because two cubes are the same height as the solid

o    Multiply 6 x 4 x 2 to get 48 same as what we did when we filled the shape

o    Demonstrate another example without manipulatives

§  Identify the height, width  and length but putting a H, L and W next to those measures

§  Multiply the three measures together to get the volume

§  Stop and discuss the units for volume – ask students to show the fingers for the exponent that represents “cubed”

§  Explain to students that since we are multiplying 3 dimensions together our units are cubic units (Relate to how area is square units)

·         S will find the volume of the shape

·         Connect volume with filling a shape

Skills Time

(9:35- 9:50) /(11:05-11:25)



Lesson Resources

Geometry Notes Volume of Rectangular Prisms  
21 4volume hw  
21 4volume practice  


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