Lesson: Use Proportion to Solve Measurement Conversion Problems

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Lesson Objective

Convert measurements using proportions

Lesson Plan


Convert measurements using proportions

Test like (Multiple Choice) problems from: 1. Compare/Order FDP 2. FDP Number lines  3. Estimation  4. Central Tendency  5. Graphs (Circle and Stem and Leaf)  6. FDP conversions  7. Decimal operations   8. Fraction Operations   9. Law of Exponents  10. Linear tables to equations   11. Coordinate Planes


1.       Do Now

2.       HW Check

3.       Mental Math

4.       New Learning/Practice

5.       Skills Time

HW: check all

Mental Math – Saxon 7/6 Lesson 94

Opening: Ask students what do they know about measurement?  Talk about how there are two different systems of measurement – one used here in America/US and one used mostly every where else in the world – relate to real world experience of track and field events and how you had to learn different measurements

Intro:  Discuss that in order to convert measurements we need to use proportions.  Explain that this is because we are looking at the relationship or comparison between two numbers within one or two systems of measurement.  Discuss that one thing we need to know when converting measurements is the unit conversion (1 something equals __ something elses)  Model using given Measurement conversions to help students

GP: Walk through problems with students – guide them step by step through the first few, then gradually release the steps.   

IP :  Students will work 5 problems on measurement conversions.

Closing: Review KWL – ask students what we learned about conversions – discuss key points.

Independent Practice


Lesson Resources

CW Converting between systems of measurement Choose the appropriate unit of measure  


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