Lesson: Use Proportion to Solve Scale Problems

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Lesson Objective

Use a proportion to solve a scale problems

Lesson Plan


Use a proportion to solve a scale problems

Test like (Multiple Choice) problems from: 1. Compare/Order FDP 2. FDP Number lines  3. Estimation  4. Central Tendency  5. Graphs (Circle and Stem and Leaf)  6. FDP conversions  7. Decimal operations   8. Fraction Operations   9. Law of Exponents  10. Linear tables to equations   11. Coordinate Planes


1.       Do Now

2.       HW Check

3.       Mental Math

4.       New Learning/Practice

5.       Skill Time


HW:  Trade and Grade

Mental Math – Saxon 7/6 Lesson 93

Opening: Link Monday’s aim to the bigger picture of real world situations – give students a variety of proportional relationships to think about and how this might look in real life situations.

Intro: Review what a proportion and a ratio is – comparisons between two things –

what do comparisons look like in word problems? 

View different word problems and make links between them – how do we know this problem is comparing two things? 

 Show students how setting up your proportion is critical in helping you to solve for the missing/unknown information – model  using the proportion box with units outside to help us properly set up our proportions – model walking through several problems just setting up the equation

A scale model is a model that represents the real life model.  Often times a scale is a smaller version that is proportionate to the real model

When we are missing a part of a real model and we know the scale is proportionate, we can create a proportion to figure out missing measurements.

GP:  Whiteboard practice – checks by classmates on is the proportion set up properly, did they cross multiply properly – did they solve the equation properly.

IP:  5 exit questions – solved together whole class (at the same time but working independently)– with steps clear.

Closing:   Review the steps to working from a word problem to a final solution – relate to bigger picture – what are we doing – why is this a part of the unknown unit.


Lesson Resources

U8 L7 Finding the Unknown Proportions Scale Conversions Unit Rate   Notes


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