Lesson: Define and Simplify Ratios and Express in Three Ways

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Lesson Objective

SWBAT Define and Simplify Ratios and Express in Three Ways

Lesson Plan




Student expected response

Do Now

(8:30 – 8:40)/(10:00 –10:10) 

·         Teacher walks around to greet students and check in with students about their do now and homework

·         Students complete 2 review/2 current unit problems independently

HW Check

·         Put up answers – check in with bubble students on work – help think through hw problems.

Students check work against answers


Mental Math

(8:40 – 8:50) /(10:10 – 10:20)

·         Teacher reads and reveals a series of 6 problems – helping students to think of strategies to help students solve the problems

·         Teacher pulls sticks (cold call) to have students answer the questions

·         Students answer questions mentally, if stick is called they can answer and explain their answer choice.

Mini Lesson

(8:50 – 9:25)/(10:20 – 10:55)


·         Today we are going to accomplish two aims.  The first is identifying and writing ratios 


·         Some of you have asked before what this sign means (:) Sometimes we see this sign in time but we can also see this in ratios – We know it’s not about time when there are not two numbers behind the colon 

·         However, we also can use our understanding of ratios to know whether it is a time problem or a problem about a ratio. 

·         A ratio is a comparison between two things.  Ratios can be written in 3 different ways.  Let’s take a look at this. - ratios can be written with a fraction bar, with a colon or with the word "to"

·         Show students – a comparison between two objects - 3 girls for every 5 boys in a class – and how to write it in three different ways.

·         Highlight that ratios can be simplified just like fractions but ratios are not the same thing as fractions.


·         Think Pair Share  – what are the three ways to write a ratio

·         Ask students to write a ratio in three different ways for a comparison.

·         Give students bags of candy and ask them to write ratios for each of the statements


·         Students will work independently to write ratios.


·         Today we are going to learn another skill –probability!

·         Probability is very much related to ratios except we are always comparing the given object to the total

·         Demonstrate an example with the candy.

·         Indicate that we should always write our answer in simplest terms.



·         Use the examples on the notes pages, and display how to write the probability.



·         Students will solve 5 problems independently



·         What did we learn?

·         Why is important?

·         What are some common mistakes?

·         What does successful work look like/sound like?



Skills Time

(9:35- 9:50) /(11:05-11:25)

Shapes activity



Lesson Resources

Notes Ratios  
CW Identifying Ratios  
HW Identify Ratios  
U8 L6 Finding the Unknown Ratios Proportion Intro  


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