Lesson: Decimal by Whole Number Division

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Lesson Objective

Divide decimals by whole numbers

Lesson Plan




6NSO.C8 – Select and use appropriate operations to solve problems involving addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and positive integer exponents with whole numbers and with positive fractions, mixed numbers, decimals and percents.

6NSO.C10 – Accurately and efficiently add, subtract, multiply and divide (with multi-digit divisors) whole numbers and positive decimals


Key Points

·         Divide decimals by whole numbers

·         Place the decimal straight up from the dividend to the quotient

·         Estimate answer

·         Divide as normal (divide, multiply, subtract, bring down)


Tyler spent $409.56 for four new tires for his car.  What was the price per tire?


Paco and three friends equally shared the cost of their dinner.  If the bill was $33.40, how much did each person pay?




·         Display picture examples of splitting/dividing decimals by whole numbers

o   Splitting 25¢ by 5

o   Splitting 12 kit kat bars by 4

o   Splitting 2.4ML by 4


·         Discuss that today we are just thinking about dividing when the amount we are dividing is not a nice neat whole number. 


Intro to NM

·         Introduce steps to dividing decimal numbers by whole numbers

·         When dividing a decimal by a whole number, place the decimal in the quotient straight above the decimal in the divided.  Next, divide.

·         Model two examples of writing the problem – placing the decimal straight up and dividing

·         In one example show what happens when you still have a “remainder” and continue to add zeros until the number is complete.



Guided Practice:

·         Students practice two examples – one with a decimal that terminates and one which zeros need to be added.

·         Students review writing division in different ways – and translate problems into different formats.

·         Students practice independently




Lesson Resources

CW Divide Decimals by Whole Numbers   Classwork
HW Unit 5 Divide Decimals by Whole Numbers  
U6 L10 Smooth Operator divide decimals by whole numbers  


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