Lesson: Define Percents/Convert "Easy Fractions" to Percents

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Lesson Objective

Define percents and convert fractions to percents

Lesson Plan



6NSO.N2 – Compare and order positive and negative fractions, decimals and mixed numbers and place them on a number line

6NSO.N5 – Identify and determine common equivalent fractions, mixed numbers, decimals and percents. 


Key Points

Define percent – relate to fractions and decimals

·         Percent means out of 100


Which is the not the same as 40%?

A.      4/100

B.      0.4

C.      40/100

D.      0.40


Write 56% as a fraction


Write 8% as a fraction


Warm Up:

·         Review number lines


·         So far we have talked about equivalents with fractions, improper and mixed numbers and decimals.  Today we are going to learn one more way to write equivalents in percent form.  Often times when you receive a grade on an assignment, you see a percent on it.  The percent is figured out by thinking about the fraction and decimal equivalent.

Intro/Direct Instruction:

·         Teacher discusses Percent as meaning “out of 100” or “per hundred”

·         Display a 100 grid

·         Color in a certain amount and discuss that since percent means out of 100

·         Tell students that __% is colored because there are 100 little squares and __ are colored so since it’s __ out of 100 it equals 100%.

·         Practice with several more examples with hundredths grids

·         As we know this unit is all about between the lines  and different representations that fall between the whole numbers on a number line.

·         Today we are going to focus on a specific relationship between fractions and percents. 

·         We know it’s easy to write a fraction as a percent when the denominator is 100.  But it’s also easy for us to write a fraction as a decimal when the denominator of the fraction is a factor of 100.

·         Display a chart with factors of 100. 

·         Knowing the factors and factor pairs for 100 can help us to easily turn some fractions into percents.

·         Model how to use the chart to change fractions into percents.

·         Students practice with some examples in pairs.

·         Students practice with worksheet

·         Review Key Points from the day – percents mean “per one hundred” or “out of a hundred”



·         Exit Ticket


Lesson Resources

CW Percents  
U5 L10 Between the Lines Percents   Notes
Percents CW  
Percents HW  


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