Lesson: Compare and Order Decimals

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Lesson Objective

SWBAT compare and order decimals. SWBAT compare fractions and decimals.

Lesson Plan



6NSO.N2 – Compare and order positive and negative fractions, decimals and mixed numbers and place them on a number line

6NSO.N5 – Identify and determine common equivalent fractions, mixed numbers, decimals and percents. 


Key Points

·         Compare and order decimals

·         Compare fractions and decimals

·         Compare decimals by comparing digits in the same place value

·         To compare fractions and decimals we should first put them both in the same format.


Compare  0.078 ____ 0.8


Order from least to greatest

0.5, 0.05, 0.55, 0.505


Compare  ¼ ____0.14


Compare 3/5 ____ 0.6


Warm Up:

·         3 problems converting fractions to decimals

·         Review the key points of converting fractions to decimals – top number in the box. Divide.



·         We are going to work today to compare decimal numbers

·         After we can compare decimals, we will work on comparing decimal numbers to fractions.

Intro/Direct Instruction:

·         Model for students writing decimal equivalents.  Highlight that 0.4 and 0.40 are the same number using a fraction model.

·         Have students write decimal equivalents to a certain place

·         Model for students that we can compare decimals using a decimal place value chart.  The reason this helps is because it forces us to line up our digits according to their place value and therefore we can compare them easily.

·         Have students practice comparing decimals using a place value chart

·         Model for students ordering decimals – highlight that we should always look to see if we are ordering them from least to greatest or greatest to least.

·         Have students order decimals

·         Model for students comparing fractions to decimals

·         Tell students that the first thing we should do is put them in the same format – discuss the saying comparing apples to oranges – and that it’s harder to compare things that aren’t alike

·         Model for students comparing by changing both into decimals

·         Model for students comparing by changing both into fractions

·         Students practice comparing fractions to decimals

·         Students practice independently comparing, ordering decimals

·         Students independently practice compare fractions to decimals.



·         Review key points

·         Exit Ticket



Lesson Resources

Compare Order Decimals Exit Ticket   Assessment
U5 L7 Between the Lines Compare Decimals and Fractions  
U5 L8 Between the Lines Order Decimals Fractions  


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